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Solid Host almost ruined our business. We are run an e-Commerce Company with hundreds of daily sales and they've made us lose almost 3 consucitve days due to problems with their servers.

Not only that, but their support system *** and always blames other reasons but themselves for the errors encountered like First, Virtuozzo was the one to blame,Then, it was Virtuozzo Again, After that a Virus...finally a Third Party?

The only thing we can say is that these are a bunch of amateurs that have no idea whatsoever what their doing.

Last Sunday thay had the whole server down for more than 10 hours including their own site, therefore there was no way to reach support and all mails rebooted.

NEVER CONTRACT THIS SERVICE, they'll do fine for sometime and then knack you on the back...

we finally switched servers and got a much better provider. stay safe and away of these thieves. Cheers!

This is not acceptable. Neither for our customers nor yours.

Review about: Hosting Provider.



I know, it happened to our company to.

They dont even have a hot-line where to complain...

We are so going to change to another server this week.

Im glad to know that we are not alone on this.

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